New York: Holt, Rhinehart & Winston, 1965.

Real and tremendously powerful  
—San Francisco Examiner

It seems to me the best novel of its kind I’ve ever read, an altogether perfect achievement. I’m sure that to many it will sound like sacrilege but I have to say that I think it a better novel than Lord of the Flies.
—Warren Miller (author of The Cool World)

I wanted to show a dream of uniting, and the real conditions people lived under. I wanted the book to be exciting and popular but to parallel the Greek classic, Anabasis. I also wanted to depict these kids as they really were. One the one hand they could be horrifying and frightening. One the other, they were scared stiff because they were outside their turf. There is a constant play between what they want to be and the world they really live in. 
WARRIORS: An Interview with Sol Yurick, by Al Auster and Dan Georgakas. Cineaste. Spring 1979.

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