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      The Destiny Algorithm  was also published as a pamphlet.

      The Destiny Algorithm was also published as a pamphlet.

Articles below by Sol Yurick were originally published in Social Text, an academic journal published by Duke University Press. Coming off the social upheavals of the 1960s, Social Text was founded as an independent editorial collective in 1979. The journal, subtitled: Theory, Culture, Ideology, aimed at breaking down barriers between academic disciplines and re-unifying the study of culture and politics using a Marxist framework of theoretical analysis. It has covered a wide range of social and cultural phenomenon beginning with the early debates on mass culture, postmodernism, and postcolonialism, to the collective's current inquiries into issues of academic labor, war and imperialism, queer theory and postcolonial theory. Sol Yurick was a contributing member of the the collective from 1984 to 1990. Texts accessible here with permission of the present publisher, Duke University Press.  |

Some Notes on Iraq   Social Text  No. 27 (1990): 172-176 © 1990

How the Athenians Planned to Colonize the West and Immortalize Themselves   Social Text  No. 23 (Autumn-Winter, 1989): 29-58 © 1989

The Destiny Algorithm   Social Text  No. 19/20 (Autumn, 1988): 129-136 © 1988

Faust's Stages of Spiritual/Economic Growth and the Takeoff into Transcendence   Social Text  No. 17 (Autumn, 1987): 67-95 © 1987

The Other Side   Social Text  No. 9/10, The 60's without Apology (Spring-Summer, 1984): 304-308 © 1984

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