Short film on Yurick's life, created and produced by Lewanne Jones. With many, many thanks. 


Poem for Sol
by George Caffentzis

Thebes is nothing like you envisioned it, Sol.

I barely noticed the train passed it.
And you are nothing like I envisioned you
After death.

Thebes is now a small town in a plain of wheat and grapes;
The IMF of Tirisias’ time or of ours would think nothing of it
While you have grown wide in death
Reaching to the horizon and filling every molecule

Speak to me...
About Thebes, Oedipus and the burning of the Bank of America,
Speak to me...
So I can hear the dry liberating bitterness of your voice once more
Until you too step
Beyond the edge of things.

June 1, 2013

Photos from the Memorial Celebration on May 4, 2014.