Behold Metatron, the Recording Angel. New York: Autonomedia, 1985.

The old philosopher's stone could convert base metals into gold. Now humans, real estate, social relations are converted into electronic signs carried in an electronic plasma. The dream of magical control has never been exorcised. Perhaps, after all, modern capitalism is a great factory for the production of angels. —Metatron

Yurick has always been fascinated by the myths that mask relations of power and prevent a dominated population from understanding its condition. His novels are filled with deluded true believers, passionate adherents of ideologies that leave them incapable of seeing what's in front of their eyes. The same preoccupation is at work in Metatron, Yurick's first nonfiction book, in which he explores the emerging ideology of the information age.
Modern Superstitions, by Brian Morton. Nation. February 1, 1986.

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