Sol Yurick discusses his novel, The Warriors, and its film adaptation. In this interview with Walter James Miller, Yurick talks about heroism and how cultural archetypes shape our collective unconscious, sometimes to the detriment of the perception of plain facts.

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Watch the short film on Yurick's life HERE. Created and produced by Lewanne Jones.

Sol Yurick : Another Visit from Metatron 

Rare video presentation that Yurick sent from New York to the "New Media Forum" held in Tokyo on June 25, 1987.  —Tetsuo Kogawa

C-SPAN : Literature at the End of the 20th Century

Yurick is one of several authors discussing the best and worst aspects of 20th century literature and prospects for the future. They focus on several issues, including the impact of technologies such as the Internet and media conglomerations on literature (1996). Begins at 57:30. Yurick speaks at 30:30 and during Q&A at 1:09.



References to Sol Yurick's "The Warriors"

Throughout Hip-Hop

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